Fear & Bravery

December 31st, 2004

It has been bothering me again that idea of “fear being the result of an awareness of negative consequence”. I can only say that you’d have to be mindless to be fearless.

Therefore bravery is merely ignoring consequence which in turn can be regarded as stupidity.

What is bothering me is the actual idea that as you get older the effect of your actions bares a heavier load on your consequence, for example:

A middle aged man with a wife and children. He somewhat is trapped by consquence, he knows that should he decide to not go to work one day (once too often), he stands a higher chance of loosing his job. Therefore, he would be unable to support his wife and her womanly whims and his too spoilt kids who want the latest trend accessories.

(the above example was deliberately designed to enrage feminists and all females who stand against their rights)

Is it a bad thing to be trapped?
Why do we fight it so much?

I find myself forever in fear of my actions and the implications of them, there is so much I want to do and say, but know that the outcome, could (and would) put my way of existing out of sync with its current way.

The thing is, is it fear of this consequence that stops me doing what I crave, or is there something else stopping me from doing these things? Courtesy to those whom it may concern? Inability to deal with change? Lack of motivation?

No bath required for that thought either, just another lonely day.

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