Razor Blades


After debating this subject for some time now, I've finally decided to write about it. Do you find, much like myself, that, razor blades lose their sharpness much quicker than before?

After a series of events between having to change the razor head after the second shave, (having left my face a bleeding mess) and seeing an advertisement in the paper (the same day) for Gilette®'s lastest razor with now not only 3 blades and a vibrating handle, but now with a back blade on it.

It had occurred to me that morning having to bitterly change the razor head after two usages that perhaps what the wonderfull team at Gilette® could do, to stand out from the crowd, would be to make a razor blade of a solid construction that isn't deliberately designed to blunten in the shortest period of time possible, but conversely make a blade that actually makes you feel like the astronomical amounts of money you're pay for the blades are giving you your money's worth.

When you consider that a packet of razor heads cost approximately £5-6, and in said packet you have 4 blades. Then, consider that someone who shaves every day, changes their blade, every other day. For arguments sake, lets say that one packet lasts a week. At the end of a year, that guy has paid between £260 and £312 just on razor blades. That is the equivalent of 6 months travel on Mordred, or the sum of bike insurance for said bike. In fact, that is more than I pay on my internet connection per year; sickening!

The other matter I wish to discuss with you learned people is a very serious matter, the matter of corned beef! My mother told me not to buy the cheap stuff, and she being a vegiterian is not really in the position to be affected by it. Thus I present to you the a-v0id review on corned beef:

Firstly the aim of this review is to find which is the nicest, and since this is a wholley biased review, given that my budget and my taste are both very much in a league of their own, do not disagree with me.

Starting from the left:

  1. Mawma Corned Beef - £0.78 (LIDL) - France.
  2. Meteor Corned Beef - £0.85 (Somerfield) - Brazil.
  3. Premium Corned Beef - £0.98 (LIDL) - Brazil.
  4. Prince's Corned Beef - £1.29 (Somerfield) - Argentina.


Yup, you've guessed it. I got sick of eating that corned beef moreso of talking about it, so it's been a while. The winner in my opinion was the Meteor Corned Beef at 85 pence from Brazil, simply because it didn't excessively pop and break up in the frying pan. Secondly, because it is very affordable. As a side note, i didn't actually get "sick" of eating it, merely tired of eating it.

A new discovery to me has also been that LIDL do do disposable razors in a 5 pack for 39 pence, which by comparrison are far better than the BiC equivalent... and at a 7.8 pence a shave, you're not doing badly.